Dear Residents,

It is with honor and purpose that I announce my candidacy for Mayor of Johns Creek.

Living in the Johns Creek area for nearly 2 decades has provided me and my family a quality of life that has been an essential part of our lives. This community means a great deal to me.

With my Corporate and small business owner experience, I have acquired the skills needed to successfully bring a fresh, resident driven agenda needed at a critical time for our city.

My passion is to represent the Residents with honest, open communications and accountable leadership. I believe that we are at an important juncture in the growth & development of our wonderful city and am prepared to lead the way.

Together we will work to protect our natural beauty & green space and sustain the strengths of our residential community in a respectful, ethical, and fiscally responsible manner.

Under my leadership, I intend to ensure the Mayors Office and our Council work together to advance the vision of our residents. My values are as follow:

Integrity: My promise to you is to promote a culture of moral and ethical standards that will make you proud. We as a city need term limits and stronger ethics rules.

Common Sense: Applying collective common sense to the process of making decisions that advance resident’s visions for our City.

Often common sense evades elected officials because they don’t listen to the people most impacted by their decisions.

My commitment to you is listening and prioritizing the goals of the residents of Johns Creek first. The resident’s needs and concerns are the primary responsibility that the Mayor must advance.

Fiscal Responsibility: Making sure that our residents & businesses who pay taxes know that every dollar is spent in a thoughtful way that will enhance our quality of life as a residential community with great schools while making Johns Creek businesses know their government supports them.

I will do my utmost to reach out to Johns Creek residents, businesses and others to understand their concerns and share my ideas to protect Johns Creek from improper development and increased traffic while improving our high quality of life. I hope that I will earn your support and trust.

Alex Marchetti

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Campaign Launch Party

  • Johns Creek Residents Welcome

  • Friday, Aug 18th, 2017  6-8pm

  • Atlanta Athletic Club

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